Sunday, 4 January 2015

I think I hear a heartbeat... IT'S ALIVE!!

Hello followers (do I hear an echo?echo?echo?), I have decided to resuscitate this blog, blow off the thick layers of dust, and start semi-regular blogging again as the Disillusioned Taxonomist-turned-vertebrate-palaeontologist-in-training.

What follows is sort of a "best-of", a few of my proudest blogging moments from the first three years of this blog, then links to all of the quizzes I've held, plus the answers, on various areas of natural history over the years.

One of my first posts, back in 2008 (when I was 24, holy flipflop!), was a short story about a radioactive theropod. It was good, I still think so! Meeting with a Spinosaurus

I blogged about the Natural History Museum later that year, where you can see a young me posing with some stuffed felids. My Favourite Museum

After my first visit to Cyprus in 8 years, when I visited the G├╝zelyurt Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, and reported on some of its more bizarre exhibits. Rogue Taxidermy

In the latter half of 2009, I blogged a series of posts about British wildlife, featuring an A-Z of native extant and extinct animals and one plant. For the letter B, I featured Baryonyx, and included a poem I wrote about my then-favourite dinosaur when I was about 8 years old. British Wildlife: B

And one of my favourites, my prehistoric animal alphabet, with 26 fictional creatures shaped like the letters of the alphabet, complete with binomials. Prehistoric Animal Alphabet

And here are the quizzes:

I hope I still have a few readers, in which case, thanks for reading, and a Happy New Year to all!