Monday, 24 January 2011

London Wetland Centre gallery

One of my favourite places to get some birdwatching done is the London Wetland Centre. I've put together almost 200 of my best photographs covering pretty much all the birds I've ever seen there, including an awful shot of a bittern I saw this past Saturday. So thanks to everyone at the Centre for the fantastic work they do, and a special thanks to Jamie Wyver who organises the Centre's Facebook Group, tweets on their behalf (@wwtlondon), and gave me a metaphorical hat-tip as to the whereabouts of the bittern.


GeorgeTSLC said...

I see you're 25, sir. I'm only 63, but when I was young, among the then-older generation "a tip of the hat" was an acknowledgment of somebody else's assistance or presence.

So your "hat-tip as to the whereabouts of the bittern" seems to me an odd reversal.

Mo Hassan said...

Yes, well that's what I meant to say, I guess I just used the term incorrectly.