Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Pop Art

Turquoise-browed Motmot
Eumomota superciliosa (Sandbach, 1837)
Momotidae; Coraciiformes; Aves; Chordata
Original photograph of stuffed specimen taken at Natural History Museum, London, March 2008
Popart version created in April 2010

Pterodactylus antiquus

Pterodactylus antiquus in black and white

Pterodactylus antiquus in acid green and black

Pterodactylus antiquus (von Sömmerring, 1812)
Pterodactylidae; Pterosauria; Sauropsida; Chordata
Original photograph of specimen cast taken at Cambridge Zoology Museum, May 2008
Popart versions created in April 2010

I felt inspired to create some more pop art. The Pterodactylus took me about 7 hours in all... recolouring them only takes a couple of minutes. Anyone got any ideas for other colour combinations that would look cool?

I might give a tutorial one day on ART Evolved, if anyone's interested in seeing how I do this using only primitive Windows technology ... does that sound like a good idea?


Peter Bond said...

Please please please do a tutorial on ART Evolved on how you do the pop art! I, for one, really want to know!

Mo Hassan said...

Thanks! I certainly will do that at some point.