Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Guess the skull...

I've been feeling quite crappy of late, I think I've got a cold. Anyway, I've been working heavily on my book for the last couple of weeks, hence a lack of posts apart from the Sundayly A-Z ones. When I feel up to it, I'll reveal some of the more interesting names I've researched.

Until then, however, I'll leave you with a skull. Guess the mammal whose skull appears below for a virtual point.


Zach said...

Crap! CRAP! You took this at Cambridge, didn't you? I know I saw that skull!

ACK! It looks like it could be a xenarthran from the overall shape of the skull, but the dentition means it's most definately not! MARMOT! I'm going with marmot. Mainly because that word just popped into my head and it's fun to say.


Mo Hassan said...

Nope, not a marmot! Not even close.

Yup, this specimen is from Cambridge Zoology Museum, plenty of odd creatures there, including those from weird orders, like this fellow.

J. Velez-Juarbe said...

Hello Mo,

The teeth, incomplete zygomatic arch, looks like the afrothere Tenrec ecaudatus.

Peter Bond said...

I don't know mammal skulls at all, so here is a Shot in the Dark (a great Peter Sellers film) ..... is it a seal skull?