Thursday, 21 May 2009

It's Puzzle Time!

It's time to test your tetrapod ID skills as well as your lateral thinking. Below are 26 'riddles': each represents one of the pictures at the end of this post. The riddles are numbered 1 to 26; simply decipher them and match them to a photo (each is labelled with a letter, the letter does not give a clue as to the first letter of the animal's name - most of the time!!). Send in your answers to the riddles and the matching letter (i.e. 1. duck = A) to me at: subhumanfreaks AT hotmail DOT com. Bonus points will be given to anyone who can identify the most species/genera, so have a guess if you can. The winner (the participant who gets the most correct answers including bonus points) will receive a personalised drawing of whichever tetrapod(s) they like. I will end this competition on the 31st May, so you have 10 days to get entering. Good luck!!

  1. A baker’s product in two varieties: one is savoury and can be buttered; the other is sweet. Change the first letter of this food to reveal the name of a coastal bird.
  2. A bird that knows when a dog is happy.
  3. A chess piece that’s also a bird.
  4. A nocturnal container for jam.
  5. A famous wizard of times gone by.
  6. A gulp, the action that brings food down the oesophagus.
  7. A piece of cutlery this bird has for a beak.
  8. A piece of thin card half-encrusted with corundum crystals with an abrasive function is almost this bird’s name; simply change one of the vowels.
  9. A pinch on the bum, or a large waterfowl?
  10. A type of carpet, a slang term for intercourse, or a seabird.
  11. Crooner Mr. White, and a banded decorative form of quartz.
  12. Extreme fear of needle?
  13. Five + five ruins.
  14. Mythical beast that can kill with its stare.
  15. One of a pair of fantastic knockers.
  16. One tin + one tin.
  17. One way of cooking an egg, and also another. The first involves water but no oil, the second requires a lot of time.
  18. Pelvis + vowel + bread + vowel + Quixote or Juan.
  19. Remove the bee from Snoopy’s breed.
  20. Replace one vowel in the name for a child with an unknown father.
  21. Reptile that looks after a computer screen.
  22. Sounds like a dinosaur named after Mr. Fawlty.
  23. Take the ‘R’ from something you rue, a small white heron have you.
  24. The youngest of the princes, and his grandmother’s official initials.
  25. There was once one in a Pyrus, but you might want to ask Steve Coogan’s famous character instead.
  26. We have been spotted by the picture-taking device.


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Neil said...

Okay, I think I've got it but I'll let someone else have a shot this time. 26 is brilliant!