Monday, 14 July 2008

Photo of the Day #13: Immature Grey Heron

Grey Heron
Ardea cinerea Linnaeus, 1758
Ardeidae; Ciconiiformes; Aves; Chordata
Enfield Town Park, Enfield, North London
July 2008

Today whilst walking in my local park, I had some wonderful views of an immature grey heron fishing in the New River. The individual first started in an area where quite a lot of people go to feed the ducks etc., except the food goes uneaten and there is an algal bloom all over that part of the river, and probably not many fish for the heron. Also it was being harassed by people who obviously thought it wanted bread, despite it flying away twice to a more sheltered spot. Finally, it gave up and went a few hundred metres along the river to a much more secluded part, where I could get much better views, and more importantly, the bird could feed in peace without a shower of mouldy bread.

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